Blowing The Trumpet of alarm

I’ve been writing about the threat to Western civilisation brought about by Satan’s hatred of its Judao-Christian heritage, and his growing influence through political correctness, which is the exact antipathy of God’s Laws.

I was in Paris in the mid 60’s when the streets were taken over by students rioting against capitalism, who were faced with black garbed, armed riot police, the first I had ever seen, and not afraid to wield their batons indiscriminately in order to counter their ‘cultural revolution’ based on Mao’s little red book.

That revolution , viciously put down in Paris, was taken up by students internationally, but those students went on to become the  university academics of today, determined to overthrow capitalism by following the doctrines of the Frankfurt School, and they have been successful, way beyond their dreams, within the world’s universities, so that eventually political correctness has become immune to criticism, even here in Australia.

But now Merve Benale of James Cook University is just one of a few academics who admit that the disintegration of Western culture is caused by “An idealogical contagion of shame and self-loathing” and an “Nihilistic world view is now institutionalised throughout Western academia.”

Indeed, it seems our universities can’t get enough of foreign civilisations, religions and cultures – founding courses on the “Leadership in the study of the intellectual, legal, politico economic cultural and religious traditions of Asia and the Islamic world.” While these courses proliferate, our propaganda fed students are led to rebel against the very idea that such courses should be balanced by a study of Western Civilisation, which brought about the end of slavery (still well established in the Islamic world), gave women the vote (only very recently achieved in many Islamic lands) and legal equality with men (never achieved in Islam).  While freedom of enquiry and expression is the norm in the West it is still not found in much of the Asian and Islamic world, where human rights and liberty are strictly limited.

I’m sure that not many of us would want to live in such societies, but these duped students are blinded to their faults and can’y wait to pull down the last vestiges of Western Civilisation, and they are being aided by our biblically rebellious clerics who take delight in undermining the Christian faith by denying the veracity of scripture.

What a world we live in! One could almost give up hope were it not for the vision of the coming Kingdom of God on Jesus Christ’s return.   Proverbs 29:18,  ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.’

Only then will the  world be renewed, and true education will remove the dross dished out by these deluded academics. Sadly this will not come until the world has learned the hard way to reject political correctness, the antipathy of God’s law. This is called repentance, but it will only be achieved after the most severe worldwide punishment, which the bible calls the Great Tribulation.         Matthew 24:21 ‘For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.’