Blatant Indoctrination by Government

Some time ago I became so disgusted with the government sponsored  SBS television channel in Australia, that I wrote in to complain about the constant waving of the rainbow flag in the foreground, during their self-advertisement of the “We are Australia song”, because  the ‘LGBTXYZ’ brigade are only a tiny minority in Australia, and no other symbols were shown. This was plainly a bias promotion, and SBS brags about their unbiased delivery.

Amazingly, though they responded denying bias, the rainbow flag disappeared from their ad. However, LGBTXYZ are determined to push deviant lifestyles internationally, and when I arrived in the UK for a visit, I found the same evil promotion of the rainbow symbol blatantly displayed right under the BBC’s self-promotion of their Television Logo, which appears regularly throughout the day, every day on BBC Television!

This is no accident! The public should realise that this is part of the LGBTXYZ  agenda, to heavily promote the deviant lifestyles now symbolised by the rainbow, which fly in the face  of Biblical teaching and the Christian family of mum dad and the kids, both in the media and every branch of education from kindergarten to university, and beyond. They  have been remarkably successful in their plan to get their deviance accepted as normal, but it is not, no matter how much indoctrination is advertised by government media.

The Bible plainly states otherwise, and warns that those who are influenced by this propaganda to follow such lifestyles, are in danger of the terminal consequences God prescribes for those who flout  any of God’s laws, if they do not repent.

The fact is that we all make free choices and need to know the difference between right and wrong, which is why God gave us the Bible. But whereas most of us accept  that it is wrong to lie, steal, or murder, It is  in the area of sexual sin that there is a drive to confuse  us about what is right and wrong.

If people can be confused about this, then God’s plan that we gain eternal life by repenting of our sin, for we all sin, is overcome, and Satan triumphs. So it is important that all  understand that we will loose eternal life as part of the price if we choose wrong, and we don’t need government mis-education about this, provided by our own funds! God says: “Choose life!”

“Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.” Revelation 20:15.