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Western ‘Progressive’ Thinking

The warped moral compass of Western ‘progressives’ is creating the most harmful and tragic beliefs, which are gradually turning good into evil, and evil into good!

We saw it in their warped comments after President  Trump’s action against Iran’s mullahs. We see it in our own government’s subsidising of Aboriginal “culture”, and it seems to be embedded in our media.

Only a generation ago it would have been shouted down on all sides , but today we are being gradually brainwashed into accepting its evil.

It does not take great intellect recognise that Iran is behind most of the troubles in the Middle East, financing and exporting terrorism around the world; and one would have to be blind to fail to see the huge banners displayed on TV, in Iran, praising death to the USA and Israel. Their evil government treats its citizens with contempt for human rights, and arrest can mean torture and death.

Sadly, these traits can be seen in many Islamic countries, and it is ironic that the one stable democratic and civilised nation  in the Middle East,’ Israel, is continually attacked by the same progressives.

Neither does it take a Phd in Sociology to see that our government’s pandering  to Aboriginal rights and ‘culture’ is doing more harm than good, and until we realise that, many indigenous Australians will continue to live in their dream-world, where they do not need to take full responsibility for their actions, for they are fed the delusion that they are just helpless victims of colonialism, by the apologist progressives.

If their culture is good, how come after “60,000 years” they were still naked stone age primitives at colonisation, whose traditional laws encouraged  the abuse and oppression of women, spearing and the nulla nulla as punishment for offending,  and tribal rights which encouraged the idle at the expense of the successful, which had prohibited any progress at all?

But still they are praised for the continuation of these damaging traits, thanks to the ‘progressives’.  Pressed by the progressives, our leaders have given over more than one third of Australia to the aboriginals already. Carry this to its logical conclusion, which looks likely, and the indigenous 3% will end up owning or being payed for 100% of Australia. How wonderful, more handouts,  more grog, more shouting, more violence to women, more child abuse and neglect.

The solution to these troubles, and all the others, which is coming, is the return of Christ, the removal of false gods like the Babylonian moon god, Allah, and the rainbow serpent,  and the replacement by the Ten Commandments, as well as 2 Thessalonians 3:10,  ‘For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.’ 


Australia Day

On January 26th, 1788, the first British fleet arrived at what is now Circular Quay, the first Western Immigrants to a continent which must have experienced wave after wave of immigrants of different tribal if not ethnic groups over the previous  ‘60,000 years’.

Each wave would have pushed the previous arrivals further into the continent, dispossessing the earlier inhabitants, just as has occurred all over the earth. Eventually the different races interbred, creating the whole range of Australians we see today, some of whom claim to be aboriginal though they are obviously more than 90% white European.

One might ask why it is that it is those 90% white ‘aboriginals’ are the ones who are so determined to prove their aboriginality by protesting about January 26, when the pure bloods still living deep in the bush do not care about the dates of Australia Day, nor hold grudges against white Australians, according to indigenous politician Jacinta Price?

Alice Springs councillor Jacinta has been subject to a torrent of vile social media abuse from anti-Australia Day activists over her fight to keep the national day on January 26, including being wished a “painful death” and insulting her disabled nephew. She feels disgusted by these online messages and blames “middle class” Australians with [only] indigenous backgrounds,  for fuelling the cyber hate.

Indigenous leader and government adviser Warren Mundine described this abuse as “disgraceful” and described Greens leader Richard Di Natalie’s  claim that January 26 represents an “ongoing genocide” needing a renewed push to change the date of Australia day, as a joke.  “I’m with Australian communities every month and changing the date isn’t no. 1, 2,3,4,5th on their agenda,” Mr Mundine said.

“It is education, jobs, it is to get business activity happening, and to get better health care.”

Sadly, the only business activity many aboriginal activists seem to be concerned with is the millions of dollars the government pours into aborigines, and the financial royalties pouring in from the miners now that aborigines have been given one third of Australia, though they are less than 3% of its population. Where all this money goes few people know, but little seems to trickle down to the pure bloods in the remote outback.

Strange how these activists seem so keen on aboriginal culture but live middle class Australian lives, with all its advantages – good education, modern facilities, cars, health and social services. If what the aboriginals had before  26/01/1788 was so very good and the arrival of Western ways so bad and unworthy of celebration, why don’t they live in the bush in a humpy, as a hunter gatherer?

Come to think of it, having travelled right around Australia, I never saw any pure bloods do that either, so by their behaviour it has to be assumed that they much prefer the modern world with all of its benefits, if only the funds rolling in were used to create the jobs they so badly need.

If it hadn’t been the British who colonised Australia, would the activists prefer it to have been the Japanese, or maybe the Germans? Somehow I don’t think so, so perhaps we all have something to celebrate on January 26th after all?

Deuteronomy 8:10, ‘ When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you.’ NIV.

The Fruits of Indigenous Delusion

I’ve written many times about the ridiculous situation where 3% of the nation’s population lay claim to the whole continent because some of their distant ancestors wandered widely over the land as hunter gatherers, doing little but help the spread of fire to encourage grass to grow, while other nations around the world were developing sophisticated civilisations.

The ridiculous thing is that it has become politically correct to praise aboriginal culture as if it were of great value. By this some have been deluded to maintain traditions which have long held them back from real development, and now they find it quite acceptable that workers’ taxes should provide them with all they need without the need to work. The result has been tragic. Drunkenness, child abuse, wrecked homes, trash, bad hygiene and ill health, despite the fact that more per head is spent on them than anyone else in the nation.

Yes, the British colonisation of Australia was fraught with mistakes  on both sides and apologies have been made for events which should never have occurred, but they were made in a quite different era, with quite different mores and conditions, and to allow such distant events continue to colour attitudes which prevent the recognition    that colonisation also brought possitive advantages which could  and have changed indigenous lives for the better, is a divisive mistake.

Many of the indigenous people have recognised that the past is the past and have chosen to free themselves from the negative elements  of their ancestor’s culture and take advantage of the opportunities of Western civilisation in an open society, to make rich and successful lives which contribute to our nation. They place their emphasis on the future, and have resisted the encouragement of the ‘progressives’ to live in the past and accept that the ‘invasion’ of the 26 of January 17878 was both inevitable and , with hindsight, actually a rescue from a culture which had proved  to be going nowhere.

So, where is this misdirection coming from? From the left, inspired by such as the Greens to the extent that aborigines have already been given over 30% of Australia and are laying claim to the rest. They recently claimed the whole of the city of Perth and were foolishly bought off with over a billion dollars by the WA government.

Now it has just emerged that we cannot assume that their ridiculous claims are genuine at all. The Federal Court has just handed down its judgment that the Goolarabooloo mob were not entitled to be native title holders of James Point in the Kimberley, where their claim had sought to block Woodside’s 80 billion gas development because their ‘song lines were under threat’ from the proposed project. It turns out that they were not ‘custodians’ of the area at all. The court ruled that none of their claims were valid: “That descent must go back to time immemorial. The Goolarabooloo have not acquired rights and interests in land and waters by descent, because their connection to the …..area only goes as far as the arrival of Mr. P. Roe and his wife in the area in the 1930’s !

Amazing. Many Australians of European extraction would have much more right than that, but they would not gain the support of the politically correct brigade which was led by former Greens leader Bob Brown, who had portrayed Mr P Roe as a custodian of the area, and even named him as the Greens’ environmentalist of the year. So, we see that the Greens were simply using the indigenous people for their own political purposes, their own agenda and that means no development at all, and jobs for Aboriginals be damned.

It is time to stop the handouts of cash and land which have only encouraged idleness,  evil and corruption, and instead concentrate on providing jobs so that more of the indigenous people may gain genuine dignity through their own efforts, and escape the retrograde influence of their dreamtime culture.

2 Thessalonians 3:10, ‘For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.’