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Justified Suspicion or xenophobia?

One of the first priorities of any government  is to protect the sovereignty and freedom of its people, and here in Australia a discussion is emerging regarding the actions of that burgeoning power to our North, China.

Should we keep quiet as China obviously expects us to, to protect our trade relations  with our largest customer,  as some of our politicians have suggested, or should we speak out about China’s unacceptable and lawless  behaviour, and risk its anger and loss of its custom?

For some time we had hopes, even expectations, that its acceptance of capitalism would be accompanied by growing freedoms and democracy, for it seemed the two went together, but it has not turned out so.

As that rising Aussie MP and likely future PM Andrew Hastie has concluded, and expressed in a recent speech, their President for life, Xi Jinping,  is interested only in total idealogical control. Not communism, but the ideology of power – how to use technology to obtain omniscient control over billions of  people, and it does not stop at China’s borders, but travels with ‘belt and road’, debt encouragement in the Pacific, Chinese students sent to study and migrate to Australia, tourists, and above all Chinese money.

In making a decision on how to respond to China’s actions, we should consider Jesus Christ’s words in Matthew 7:16, ‘You will know them by their fruits.’ Let us look at China’s recent activity:

Transportation and ‘re-education’ of a million Uighars, reminding us of China’s invasion and treatment of Tibet.                                                                 Persecution of Chinese Christians .                                                                            Arrest of Australian citizens in China.                                                                            Muzzling of free speech.                                                                                                   Interfering in our universities with “Confucius Institutes”.                         Cyber attacks on Australian Targets.                                                                              Regularly stealing intellectual property.                                                                         Illegally attempting to gain control of the South China Sea by building artificial islands in the territory of other smaller nations.

These are not the actions of a peace loving, law abiding, trust -worthy  power, and add up to an ominous  expansionist threat under preparation. In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 9:16 and 16:12, we are told of  End-Time armies from the East which attack the West. “And the number of mounted troops was two hundred million; I heard their number.”  Would Australia escape such aggression?

They are wiped out at Armageddon by Jesus Christ, the only One with limitless power, and the only One that could protect Australia, but we as a nation have rejected our God.