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What can we say about Brexit? I’m an Aussie Brit and I’ve known for over 40 years that Britain  would leave the EU, but I’m still amazed at the chaotic mess they are in. The odds are that we will see a great backlash if the British public are finally  betrayed  by their government, and their democratic vote is trampled on.

Yet, they did make the right decision to leave, before the EU BECOMES A TOTAL DICTATORSHIP.  For years,  when I lived there, resentment  at what the ‘Common Market’ had become (which had been foisted off on Britain by a lying Edward Heath) rang all the warning bells as it gradually progressed towards that dictatorship, while Britain’s Parliament and laws were subsumed by a German led Europe.

Tragically, as I pointed out in my last blog, ‘End of the West’, this is a hole  the Brits have dug for themselves, unfortunately fulfilling God’s warnings found in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 23. We can tell it is for the end time because, as you will see in Hosea 14:4 below, this last chapter concludes with Ephraim’s repentance.

So,  what happens now?  We move to the next stage, found in the Book of Hosea, which is dual prophecy largely addressed to Ephraim, the Bible’s name for the British people. (See our article ‘Who is Israel’)

Hosea 2:8   ‘ For she does not acknowledge that it was I who gave her grain, new wine and oil, who lavished her with silver and gold—which was crafted for Baal.’ BSB.     ie. Was used in the pursuit of an evil Godless culture.

Hosea 4:6-7,  ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest (an example for) to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.The more they increased, the more they sinned against me; I will change their glory into shame.’  So we will see the results of Brexit.

Hosea 7:8-9  “The people of Israel mingle with godless foreigners, making themselves as worthless as a half-baked cake!

Hosea  8:7   ‘For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, strangers would devour it.’

Hosea 13:16  ‘Samaria [was capital of Ephraim] shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword; their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.’

Hosea 14:4,7,9     ‘I will heal their apostasy; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them…….   They shall return [in repentance] and dwell beneath my shadow; they shall flourish like the grain; they shall blossom like the vine; their fame shall be like the wine of Lebanon…..Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; whoever is discerning, let him know them; for the ways of the LORD are right, and the upright walk in them, but transgressors stumble in them.’

This is horrific news for Britain, but it  is only part of worldwide punishment due to come upon us for our evil choices. There is no need for anyone to experience these things if they will turn from sin and live God’s way.  Sin is the breaking of God’s Laws, 1 John 3:4.

Thankfully , God will turn His anger away because of the repentance of that remnant, who will live on into a world made like Eden, in Christ’s Kingdom. See our article page 1, number 59, ‘Return to Eden’

The Plan of God part two

We saw last time that there are two main resurrections, Hebrews 11:35. The first resurrection provides true Christians who then marry Jesus Christ, Revelation 19:7, with their positions  sharing in the Government of God here on the earth during the Millennium, Revelation 20: 4.

Those positions will depend  upon how diligent and faithful they have been in their calling, Luke 19:17.

At the end of the 1000 years the Second Resurrection will take place, Revelation 20:11-13, Ezekiel 37:5-6. This resurrection will include  all those who have never even heard of Jesus Christ,  as well as the majority of Christians who never understood the true gospel and were deceived by Satan into rejecting God’s Commandments and Sabbath, and the pattern and example of Jesus Christ, Revelation 12:9.

During this Great White Throne Judgement period, some who have deserved punishment will receive it,  before being given their chance to repent.

They will be resurrected into a world  carefully prepared for them during the 1000 years ( See our Article, ‘Return to Eden’).  It is thought  that they will be raised  physically perfect,  without any disabilities, at the age of 30, the age of maturity, when Jesus began His ministry. They will taught God’s way and  live to be 100, Isaiah 65:20. Little children who died young will be raised by their parents, and also reach 100, when  those  who have repented and received Salvation through Jesus Christ will be changed into Spirit Beings.

There may be some who refuse to repent of their sinful ways. They will die only to be resurrected again along with the few who understood and rejected their opportunity for salvation in this life,  to face the lake of fire when the earth is consumed with fire in preparation for the New Heavens and New Earth, Luke 16:24,  2 Peter 3:10-13.

God is giving you a chance now to be in that better resurrection, with all its rewards, but it takes courage, and we have a vitally important God given task to fulfil, which is not even mentioned by the churches, even the churches of God, though it is plain in God’s word!