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Biblical Articles

1Australia the Lucky Country
2What is Babylon?
3Hope of the Resurrection (free book)
4Why a Church?
5Why a Sermon?
6Why a Pastor?
7Christ Goes to Petra (See Photos)
8Self Sustaining Earth
9End Times Timeline
10Your Amazing Future
11Origins of Rioting and Looting
12Turn the Other Cheek
13Satan's Political Correctness
14Jesus Christ
16Should Christians Forgive?
17Come Out of Her My People
18Joshua's Long Day
19End Time
20When Does God's Day Start?
22Australia & Immigration
23Sacrifice of Lambs
24Climate Change is Natural
25Green Zealots Destroying the Planet
26The British Empire
28British People & Americans: Israelites
29Incredible Story of God's True Church 1
30Incredible Story of God's True Church 2
31Incredible Story of God's True Church 3
32Incredible Story of God's True Church 4
34Who  Do You Think You Are?
35Incredible Story of God's True Church 5
36Kings of the North and South
37Dinosaurs and Man
38Creation in 7 Days
39Europe's Immigration Mistakes
40Oral Law and the Jews
41The True Sabbath
43Kingdom of God - First Few Years
44Preached into all the World
45How did the Bible Come About?
46A Shepherd King
47The Morality of Asylum
48Which Refugees Then?
49Plan of God in the Holy Days
50The Alternating Visions of Revelation
51End Time Church
52Revelation 14
53The Tribulation - How Long?
54End Time Dreams and Visions
55What Kind of God is it That...?
56Our Children Are Blessed
57Walk in the Light
58Armageddon, A Misunderstanding
59Return to Eden
60Spare the Rod
61Israel Today is Only Judah
62Prove All Things?
63Biblical International Date Line
64The Devil is NO Fairy
65Does God Control the Climate?
67What is a Christian?
68An Age of Discovery
69Why Did God Choose You?
70How to Worship God
71Elijah to Come?
72The Resurrection - When?
73End Time Overview
74What is the Gospel?
75Millennium on Earth or in Heaven?
76False Prophets
77Revelation 12:14
78How to Become A Friend of God
79Healed by God
80Firstfruits in the Better Resurrection
81The Church of God
82Biblical New Year
83The Government of God
85From Jerusalem to the Sea of Glass
86Who Are the Edomites
87God's Jewels
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