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Biblical Articles

1One Religion in the Kingdom of God
2Same Sex Marriage
3Life in God's Kingdom
4Bibles Needed
5Elijah's Lesson From God
6The Lord God of the Old Testament
7Can the Church be Misled
8Understanding Daniel's 70th Week
9The Modern Pharisees
10An Abib Resurrection
11Till All Be Fulfilled
13What Happens When We Die?
14The Stone of Scone
15The New Covenant Sabbath Day
16Neither the Day nor the Hour
17The Real Reason for Climate Change
18Born Again?
19Wave Sheaf Day: It's Real Significance
20Do you have God's Holy Spirit?
21Me, An Idolater?
22The Perilous Results of Idolatry
23David's Throne - Where is it Today?
24True Christians are Called, Chosen & Faithful
25What is the Gospel? Part 2
26The True Passover Uncovered
27The Ancient Celtic Church in Britain
28Raptured Away?
29Christ Condemns Elitism
30The Faith to be Healed
31Zechariah 11:17 - The Idol Shepherd
32The Plan of God, Restored
33Sea of Glass
34The Bible Inspired?
35The Bride of Christ
36When the Angel Flies
37The Searcher
38Challenge to the Church of God
40 God's Early Church in Kenya
41A Rod of Iron
42Western Media Infiltrated
43Wilfully Blind to God's Instructions
44Two Vital Verses Confused
45God's Endtime Work in Jerusalem
46The 144,000
47In The Last Days
48Day of the Lord Confusion
49The Reality of God
50The Angel That Shocks the World
51Love - The Missing Dimension
53Wavesheaf, Bride & the Marriage
54End of Islam & False Religion
55The Tribulation of Those Days
56The End-Time Commands of the Lord
57Why Keep the Commandments?
58Trinity Error
60The Watchmen of Ephraim
61The Watchmen of Ephraim 2
62The Watchmen of Ephraim 3
63Who is Ephraim?
64Worldwide Mounting Troubles
65Trapped by the Image of Jealousy
66Who is Israel?
67Sermon on the Mount
68Gentile Christian Israelite
69Should Christians go to War?
70Joseph of Arimathea
71Joseph of Arimathea Part 2
72God's early church in Kenya
73Drought Hit Brethren in Kenya
74Checking Your Salvation
75Which Day is the Sabbath in Australia?
76O Lord - Not Me!
77Finding the true Church
78Christianity's Tragic Loss
79Understanding the Tribulation
80The Mystery of the Gospel
81The Real Meaning of "Israel"
82Only God Defines "Christian"
83The Islands of the Sea
84The One God Issue
85The Counterfeit Christian
87Key Chapters Time Chart of Tribulation
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