Waken Up!

“Awake, awake”,  God says to His people, who have been sent to sleep, or driven away by the empty platitudes, political correctness and church centred concern of many denominations.

The earth lies defiled under its inhabitants and My Laws are despised because you are ignorant of My words and totally unaware of what really lies ahead, as a result of which there will be “few men left”, worldwide!  Isaiah 24:6-7  ‘The earth is defiled under its inhabitants because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore the curse has devoured the earth and they that dwell there are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.’ 

It is time to Awake!  Isaiah 13:11-12, ‘And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.I will make a man more precious than the golden wedge of Ophir.’

Matthew 24:21-22, ‘For then there shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved: [alive] but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.’

God will give mankind one last warning, by projecting  a message into the minds of all mankind to honour his laws and repent,  such is His love for us!  Revelation 14:6-7. But few will.


At the Risk of Offending

“If you knew this beforehand, why didn’t you warn me?”  Those words ring in my mind, so that I cannot remain silent at the risk of losing friends or family.

As I watch the almost unbelievable Russian invasion of Ukraine, a free and democratic country, I know that the same fate may await us in the US, UK and it’s dominions, unless we  remember our God and return to His Commandments.

And yet  I remember that  Jesus Christ Himself was not believed by His brothers and sisters until He was recognised by His miracles. The reason being that Satan has the whole world deceived, and most ‘Christians’ rarely open their Bibles, if ever! Revelation 12:9, “And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”

So, they do not keep the 7th day holy, which is the 4th Commandment.  “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy…..the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within your gates.” Exodus 20:8, 10.

They may even  believe that they have God’s Holy Spirit, but Acts 5:32 says, “And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.”

They have even accepted the many politically correct changes without questioning  their anti-biblical  character, and so they end up  worshipping Satan, without realising it, but our God is a jealous God, whose mercy  cannot last for ever, until  he is gradually removing the hedge with which  He has protected His people for so many years against the ‘wild animals’ which will trample His vineyard, Isaiah 5:5, ‘And now I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard. I will remove its hedge, and it shall be devoured; I will break down its wall, and it shall be trampled down.’

But, my brothers and sisters, the good news is that  some will  accept this warning and change their lives.  God will then protect them  and bring them through  the most dangerous period  in the history of the world, Matthew 24:21-22,‘ For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved [alive]. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.’

They will be delivered into a glorious Kingdom ruled by Jesus Christ, right here on the Earth, with the opportunity for eternal life!

The alternative is to gamble with your life.

Shame on the West

Shame on the Western “Christian” democratic nations, that we have so far rejected God that we believe we can control our own destiny; that invasion and slavery are things of the past, and could not possibly afflict the US, UK or even Ukraine!

We have no excuse, for just as I, and many other ministers of God warned for years that Britain would leave the EU, we also warned that they and even Australia and New Zealand will be invaded and our people taken in captivity to other lands as slaves because we have forgotten that God gave us our peace and prosperity, but also warned us that we could lose it all because of our sins.

It is all there in the Bible, which is available on your phone – take a look at Isaiah 5, for example, verse 5, 7…..  ‘And now, pease let me tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I will take away  its hedge and it shall be burned; And break down its wall and it shall be trampled down.      For the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts is the house of Israel And the men of Judah are his peasant plant….’

I remember being surprised , shocked and disgusted at the barbarity shown  in Bosnia, and equally disgusted yesterday to see a Russian tank deliberately swerve in order to drive right over a small Ukrainian car, showing what we can expect now that God is starting  to remove the hedge with which  He has protected us from  those who have  no respect for the rights and freedom of the individual, or human life.

Why has the West not intervened in Ukraine? Because God took away the pride  of US and Nato power, Leviticus 26:19, ‘I will break the pride of your power’, Why?  Verse 46, Because we broke, ‘the statutes and judgments and laws which the LORD made on Mount Sinai by the hand of Moses.’

You want an example? Take a look at the blatant rebellion in the Mardi gras, proudly advertised and  broadcast by the ABC, and you have the answer.

SBS partiality

In the SBS code of practice it states that one of it’s obligations is impartiality, but one of it’s most regular promotions is an advertisement promoting the “We are Australians” song.

Time after time in this ad, focus is placed on the one symbol to be seen, a large  rainbow banner, thrust into  the foreground, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual  and transgender lifestyles. The ad also pictures same sex couples, but without mum, dad, and the kids families, or any other symbol to provide the required balance.

This complaint is made under section 6.2 because the ad is partial  to lgbt propaganda, and misrepresents the Australian population as a whole.

Mind the Gap

Once upon a time there was a small island upon which lived many different tribes, Scots, Welsh, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans. They had their own languages, but learned to use one, and by working together in unity they removed tribal boundaries  and began to build a strong nation.  Under one God and His Laws they enjoyed freedom and peace, until they became prosperous and powerful, eventually creating the largest empire this world has ever seen, which covered a whole quarter of the world’s land surface.

Then, they forgot their God  and began to reject His Laws. Peace departed, the economy dived and the empire was lost. They began  to stress their previous separate languages and culture, eventually claiming separate parliaments and different laws. Soon, some began to vote to separate completely into different nations, and before long they will be back where their ancestors started; tiny, insignificant and poor, no longer even to be able to protect their freedoms from their united ancient enemies!

Once upon a time there was a huge Southern continent, where many small tribes roamed…..

Peace, Prosperity and Happiness

As we look around the world, we find that only the West has any attraction as a destination of the poor from the 3rd world. Ideally, everyone would be happy  and satisfied with their homeland, but many nations are badly governed and the bitter fruits drive many to desperately set off in search of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Interestingly, no-one heads for China, Russia or North Korea, where the people  are more likely  to want to leave, if they could!

The West though, is in decline, with all kinds of problems of its own, and only remains attractive because of its lingering historical heritage.  Why do we find such a sad situation?

The world’s greatest Empires were all ruled by Emperors or Kings, who relied on a strong foundation  of laws to provide stability.  The greatest Empire of all, the world-straddling British Empire, was built on British Common Law, which came out of the Bible – The Ten Commandments. Though imperfect, for a while it did bring stability and some peace, prosperity and happiness to benighted nations, some of which were still in the Stone Age until the British arrived.

Only when those Laws were challenged and increasingly rejected did the Empire decline. Hosea 13:6, ‘But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me.’  ‘Woe to them, because they have strayed from me! Destruction to them, because they have rebelled against me! I long to redeem them but they speak about me falsely.’ Hosea 7:13  NIV.

God allows us Free Moral Agency – the right to choose to do right or wrong. Britain chose wrong time after time until their Empire was lost.

Real peace, prosperity and happiness can only be experienced when those laws are kept. Atheist Communist nations admit to no God but Communism, and deny the right to worship and the keeping of the Sabbath, as well as the principles which lie behind  the rest of the Commandments . So Freedom and free moral agency – the right to obey God, are hard to find there, along with peace, prosperity and  true happiness.

As a result, peace, prosperity and happiness are less and less to be found in both the West, and the East, though they are still automatically available personally in our own lives, if only we will struggle to obey, with the help of Jesus Christ!

Identity Politics Destroying our Society

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has urged  Australians  not to surrender to “identity politics”, as it reduces individuals to their  attributes and divides and fragments society. “You are more than your gender, your sexuality, your race, your ethnicity, your religion, your language group, your age”.  ….”of themselves these are not the essence of our humanity. Instead we should view people as individuals – with agency and responsibility”. “Throughout history we’ve seen what happens when people are defined solely by the group  they belong to, or an identity they possess. the Jewish community understands that better than any.”

He went on to say that each of us has “human dignity” as an individual. This is at the heart of the Judeo-Christian tradition underpinning modern Australian society and it was also foundational for freedom in our liberal democracy. “Human dignity”. Everything  flows from that. He went on to stress that those who preach identity politics seek to sow discord in society, not unity, by inflaming angers and hatreds, and spreading lies and disinformation.

Oh how true! And on the same day we saw a blatant example of this  in the new Australian Curriculum for our schools.  This evil new document despises Australia’s Christian heritage and cancels it from the proposed new curriculum, replacing it with Indigenous history, culture and perspectives, and teaches that  British colonisation was no more than an ‘invasion’, our society  no more than a “culturally diverse, multi-faith, secular and pluralistic society with diverse communities.”

It would have our children believe that our society has been more influenced  by the benighted, spear-throwing, oppressive customs and superstitious rituals of the ‘First Nations People’ on colonisation, than  the Western Christian  culture stemming from Israel, Greece and Rome, which so attracts people to its freedoms from nations around the world.

This history has been removed to “declutter” the curriculum, but many believe that it is not clutter, but vital knowledge of  our society’s  origins. The director of the Institute of Public Affairs western civilisation program, Bella d’Albrera, said, “This is giving licence for children  to unlearn  the freedoms of our democracy and brainwash them into becoming political activists.” (Of the left wing of course.)

Take a look at all the ‘identity’ groups and you can see the discord and hatred they have for our freedoms, which have already been diminished by their claims!

Australia’s Defence

Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has come out with a warning against the continued biological weapons research in Chinese laboratories. He believes that COVID 19 originated in a Wuhan laboratory, despite Australian suggestion that it came from animal markets in China.

Neither is he impressed by the World Health Organisation/China investigation. “We still don’t know who patient zero was,” he said. We still haven’t seen the original strain. We still haven’t interviewed the doctors that were working in the laboratory.” In other words it sounds like a Chinese cover-up, something that the Chinese Communist Party should be held accountable for.

The CCP, he believes, is out to undermine democracy everywhere, consistently refusing to discuss their oppression in the nations they have taken over, Tibet,  Mongolia, Hong Kong, and even in China, where a million Uighurs are in internment camps, while they continue to threatenTaiwan.

Pompeo believes that the new Quadrilateral Dialogue, involving the US, Australia, Japan, and India will be critical in resisting Chinese domination. “These are four great friends,” he said. “they  are real democracies with all the noise and hubbub that comes with that, but between them they are powerful enough to resist Chinese coercion,” he said,  and should demand their trading partners participate on the basis of free and open  economic activity.

If Australia wants peace it must be prepared  to be more active defence-wise, with more and better submarines with weapons that could make  any aggression towards Australia too expensive to contemplate.

Anciently, our Queen’s ancestor, King David of Israel, made that nation so strong that it prospered in peace long after he had gone, of whom God said, Acts 2:22, “‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.” David often asked God’s guidance before reacting  to events, something Israel’s leaders neglect to do today.

Pandemic’s Hidden Threat

It is amazing how rapidly we see prophecy  being fulfilled as we approach the end of this age – Brexit, China’s threat, Corona virus, America’s tragic decline into chaos, our extreme weather, child sacrifice [abortion], corrupt politicians, and our environment polluted and defiled. Now we are entering the start of the final phase, which we see already in China: total government control, as a move towards ‘one world’ oppressive Government!

We see the beginnings  in the way we are being internationally prepared  to accept a loss of freedom to travel, or even to enter venues of all kinds, unless we carry a ‘health  passport’,  which requires vaccination. To refuse is to become a prisoner in your home location, so that you can’t go anywhere , or do anything!

Some will refuse, as these vaccines  have had no long-term trials, so the long-term side effects are unknown, and they are unlike any vaccines we have known before, containing genetically modified viruses, some cultured upon cells originally derived years ago from human foetuses, as the manufacturers have admitted.

The question is, was this pandemic intentional, planned , as some evidence reveals, in order to bring about one more prophecy,  that control  over our lives which is indicated in Revelation 13:16-17, ‘It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.’ NIV.

Family and the Bible under Attack

59% of Republican voters in the US still want Trump to play a prominent role the Republican party, even though thousands left after the Capitol riot. Why is this?

Everyone knows Trump is far from perfect. They can be disgusted, for example with the way he has treated women, or covid, but love the way he speaks his mind without fear of the radical left and the left dominated media.

And the point is his mind reflects the minds of multiple millions  of middle  America  to whom  it’s policies that count. He is the voice found nowhere else.

So, for example,  on the day before leaving office, Trump declared a Sanctity of Human Life day, saying:  “Every human life is a gift to the  world . Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick,  every person is made in the holy image of God. The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person. ”  It went on  to defend the lives  of every innocent  and unborn child, listing  a number of steps that had been taken  by the Trump administration to these ends. Did we hear about that declaration?

The same day  a LifeNews story related that Joe Biden would “make abortion a priority on his first day in office.” Backed by  the pro-abortion lobby, Biden supports  killing  unborn babies  in abortions  without restriction, and wants to force taxpayers  to fund their deaths.

Biden also plans  to reinstate  the right of transgender persons to choose whichever  bathroom or shower room they like,  compete in any sport in the sex of their choice, and serve in the military.  Gay Pride flags would be flown  at US embassies around the wold.

He announced that he will also  abolish Trumps ‘1776 Commission’, set up to  counter deficient  and deceptive  education  about the history and founding principles of the United States, thereby  changing the country into something else, just as he intends.

Americans are not bind. They love their country and are proud of its achievements and will resist  the changes planned by the Godless Left, but  the majority have chosen  and the Democrats are on their way to change America, and not for the better, if Biden gets his way.

Romans 14:12, ‘So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.’