Suspending Blog and Updates

Dear  readers,

Sadly I have to suspend writing of now, because  my wife has become  ill with a serious brain problem which has placed her in hospital as she is unable to walk unassisted . Tests are on going. Lynne has always been healthy, so it was a shock, even though she is in her 70’s. We would appreciate  your prayers, and I will update.

Wednesday 6th June

Scans reveal brain tumours, which have not spread elsewhere. She is in no pain but is losing memory, and will undergo a brain biopsy on Friday. There is risk in this operation due to serious possible  side effects. Thank you for your prayers, brothers and sisters around the world.

Friday 8th June

Lynne’s biopsy operation has been postponed due to serious emergency admissions, with the results due back onThursday. She  remains quite calm and optimistic, if a little confused. Thank you for your concern.

Friday15th June

Lynne’s biopsy was carried out on Wednesday, and although the detailed report will take a while,  the preliminary report is very serious, indicating an inoperative situation. Lynne has recovered now and is walking with my support, is less confused, and smiling again. As always we are in God’s hands and know He has promised to heal. Please keep up the prayers.  I will update when I know more.

Saturday 23rd  June

Dear All,

 Yesterday , Lynne and I, with our two sons, Marcus and Gaius, met with the doctor advisors   for a report on the results of the biopsy operation, which were discussed in detail by the team last night. The brain tumour is the highest grade aggressive tumour, grade four. It and several smaller tumours are inoperable and all they can do is stabilise lynne to “inhibit development deficits”. This would involve some radiation therapy which could slow down further damage. Without that , their prognosis was for only a few weeks of life, though at the moment Lynne is in no pain and has  only lost some control of her legs.
While they will go ahead to arrange that treatment, Lynne and I hope to go home for a week together while we consider what to do. It is clear that only God can heal this, so please pray that God will grant us the faith required, and that He might extend His mercy towards us, as He did for Hezekiah.
Once again we thank all of you for your continued prayers –
With Christian love to all our brothers and sisters,    Lynne and Gerald.
Wednesday 4th  July
Today Lynne and I were in Perth to arrange her treatment, which will start in 2 weeks,  to stabilise the brain tumour. Tomorrow we return home. The treatment will use radio therapy to slow down the tumour, which cannot be removed and is taking away her mobility. Only God can do that and we place that on His broad shoulders, thanking everyone for their prayers.  Lynne and Gerald.
Tuesday 31stJuly
After three of the radiation treatment sessions Lynne found the dizziness and nausea anything but stabilising, and as it was never expected to provide a cure, which is in God’s hands, she asked me to take her home. Lynne is much happier here  and the nausea has almost gone and the dizziness is subsiding. Truely there is no place like home when you are ill, and Lynne finds much comfort sitting in the conservatory where she is surrounded by the garden  and can watch the birds and butterflies. We and very many people are praying for her healing , and I thank them all.   Gerald.
Monday  August 27th.
Strangely, I have almost been afraid to report on lynne’s happy progress in case it was just an anomaly, but having just returned from our daily walk up the road with her only holding my  arm, rather than in a wheelchair, I must tell you that her progress back towards normality has recently  been astounding! God has begun to restore the Lynne we all love – her confusion almost gone, her mind much clearer, her ability to do things like simple food preparation or make a cup of tea, etc, restored.

Her voice has returned to normal, whereas it had become almost a whisper, she can balance again and walk independently for  short distances instead of only a slow shuffle, with help. The dizziness and nausea she experienced has gone and, unlike all the other patients in the brain tumour ward, Lynne never experienced any pain or need for pain suppressants, thanks be to God. She feels she has been given a second chance at life by God and despite outliving the medics’ prognostications, based upon the very worst kind of aggressive brain tumours, she has even begun to remember how to type, and never lost her long term memory, never ceasing to praise God for His mercy towards us as His wayward children.
At this rate, I wonder if we will really need the help the palliative care programme has just started to provide, and I look forward to writing an account for the website of what we have learned from this traumatic experience, as Lynne continues to improve.
Thank you all for your loving concern and prayers – I am convinced that without that support we may not have seen this ongoing miracle!  
With love and thanks in Jesus Christ’s name, Lynne and Gerald.
Thursday 25 October.
Our trail became more complex when Lynne had several consecutive seizures, caused by the tumours, in effect adding up to a stroke, which took away much of her memory and her ability to balance  and walk.  She is stable now and in a hospice but we are working to bring her home, with the support of caring services. Unless The Lord intervenes again  we have been told Lynne  has only months remaining.  Lynne and Gerald.
Saturday 17th November
Sadly I have to report that my dear wife Lynne passed away last Friday evening, the 9th of November. She was my wife of 52 years , and the mother of my two sons, Marcus and Gaius.  She was a peaceful and inspiring woman, my darling,  and will be sorely missed, not least for her input to this ministry and the Church of God. I thank all of you for your prayers and support. Know that she will rest in peace until the First Resurrection. I hope to resume normal contributions to this website very soon.  Ozwitness.