The Election Lessons

Australia’s election result was epitomised by the shameful, targeted defeat of a previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who had become the prime target for his disbelief of man’s responsibility for global warming, and his biblical stance against gay marriage.

Tony Abbott is a rare occurrence among politicians – an honourable man, whose strong leadership made our borders secure, when around the world they are falling. He lives his life  by firm Christian principles, which the duplicitous socialist left 5th columns such as Get Up, abhor, for they hate morality and conservative Christian values, and it has become fashionable to follow them. So, he paid the price for the victory of the silent majority, because the poisonous left spent their time and effort on bringing him down, rather than defending their socialist policies which would have ruined the economy.

What is most disturbing about this  is that the claim that the global warming  is man made is totally false, as are the claims that 97% of scientific consensus backs up man’s responsibility. This figure stems from a survey of peer reviewed science papers conducted by John Cook, a professor at George Mason University in the US.

But actually,  only 34% of the papers  stated a position on the CAUSE          of global warming, and only 33%  (97% of 34%)  blamed humans as the cause.

So that means that in truth,  only one third of scientists lay the blame on man’s activities, two thirds reject that, but how many of those deceived youngsters realise that? The majority of scientists then, recognise that changes in the world’s climate  are quite natural, and have repeatedly occurred.

Common sense also shows that burning coal, for example, only releases carbon dioxide that was converted from the atmosphere by pants and trees long ago.. It only puts backing the atmosphere what came out when the earth was warmer, when all those tees grew, and the earth did not come to an end then, nor will it now.

The prophecies in the Bible tell that this is true, picturing a time in the future when civilisation returns to a truly greener way of life. Isaiah 30: 23-25, ‘Then He will send rain for the seed that you have sown in the ground, and the food that comes from your land will be rich and plentiful. On that day your cattle will graze in open pastures. The oxen and donkeys that work the ground will eat salted fodder that has been winnowed with the shovel and pitchfork. And from every high mountain and every raised hill, streams of water will flow in the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Isaiah 35:1-2, 6-7, ‘The wilderness and the land will be glad;  the desert will rejoice and blossom like a rose.  It will bloom abundantly and even rejoice with joy and singing.  The glory of Lebanon will be given it. Then the lame will leap like a deer and the mute tongue will shout for joy.  For waters will gush forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert. The parched ground will become a pool, the thirsty land springs of water.  In the haunt where jackals once lay, there will be grass and reeds and papyrus.

So, thanks Tony. You were the sacrifice which brought rescue from certain damage to Australia from the deceptive left.






Satan’s New Clothes

Have you sometimes felt that we have entered into a different world where there are no absolutes any more, just shifting sands with no bedrock upon which we can stand firm? Or is it just because I have lived a long timed can remember a world where there was right and wrong,  good and evil, where common sense and reality prevailed over dreams,  and  fanciful wishes were just that, dreams best left behind once we awoke.

Nowadays, it seems more and more people live an Alice in wonderland existence  denying even that they are male or female despite the evidence, and demanding the right to be what they are not, and woe betide anyone who dare state the obvious when the drawbacks appear. One woman in Britain who did just that, on line, was quickly arrested in her own home just recently, for refusing to play along with such fantasy .

All the indications are that if Labour wins the coming election, it will become a ‘Hate Crime’ here, to state publicly that you believe the Bible, because of such verses as Romans 1:24, 26-27, ‘Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.’ NIV.

We have already seen marriage and the natural family successfully attacked, so now the left has moved on to thought, speech and religion, and even our children are being brainwashed at school to accept this bizarre sexual juggernaut which threatens the stability of society.

Israel Folau may have broken his contract but he was right to stand up for his beliefs, and to speak out against such evil. In the end we would be held in a tyranny of evil if we did not speak out, and the only winner would be its source, Satan the Devil.

Take Care Australia

It is a tragedy for Venezuela that when President Maduro was about to leave, Russia persuaded him to cling on. Its people are starving, inflation is rampant, and basic medical supplies do not exist. Hugo Chavez, corruption , oppression and economic ignorance drove this oil rich nation into the ground.

But we can learn from those who still support Maduro, whose evil policies to avoid.   They are Vladimir Putin, Communist Cuba, and the source of most of the world’s terrorism, Iran. There are those in the West who backed this evil regime too.

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbin backed Chavez, as did former ‘Greens’ leader Bob Brown in Australia , who encouraged  the following of “a different and better way…”

Lets beware these left wing leaders who would lead their gullible young followers down the path to ruin.

It is significant that their policies are based upon atheist communism, the rejection of God’s Commandments and Laws. Many years ago the ancient Jews turned away from their God, and the result was what we see today in Venezuela, and what we are about to see here if Labour gets its way, when quoting from the Bible will bring imprisonment.

Isaiah 3:1-9, New Living Translation

The Lord, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, will take away from Jerusalem and Judah everything they depend on: every bit of bread and every drop of water, all their heroes and soldiers, judges and prophets, fortune-tellers and elders, army officers and high officials, advisers, skilled sorcerers, and astrologers. I will make boys their leaders, and toddlers their rulers. People will oppress each other— man against man, neighbor against neighbor.  Young people will insult their elders, and vulgar people will sneer at the honourable. In those days a man will say to his brother, “Since you have a coat, you be our leader! Take charge of this heap of ruins!” But he will reply, “No! I can’t help. I don’t have any extra food or clothes. Don’t put me in charge!” For Jerusalem will stumble, and Judah will fall, because they speak out against the LORD and refuse to obey him. They provoke him to his face. The very look on their faces gives them away. They display their sin like the people of Sodom and don’t even try to hide it. They are doomed! They have brought destruction upon themselves.’



Change Good into Evil?

Now it is becoming the norm for those with Christian belief to have to apologise or face the sack because their Biblical beliefs are no longer politically correct. We see it more and more in sport and in services where the CEO is homosexual.

We also see it where those who recognise that Islam is a grave danger to world peace because of the Koran’s violent instructions which inspire the Jihadis, now find themselves persecuted for their right to express that danger.

This is a blatant attack by the atheist left upon Christianity and free speech which must be defended by all freedom loving people and parties. The left’s technique is to attach ‘phobia’  to the word homosexual and Islam, but it is not hatred of those people, but what some of them do, which breaks God’s Laws, ie.  sodomy  or murder.

Thus  the left attempts to change evil into good through their political correctness. Isaiah 5:20, ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter.’  Berean Study Bible.

What should Christians do in response? Express your righteous indignation by writing to a newspaper in your country and voice your beliefs while you can, or your right to do so may soon disappear!