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An unfair Partisan Prime Minister

A delegation of 20 Aboriginal people from around Australia travelled to Canberra to express their concerns about the ‘Voice’, but Warren Mundine, a long respected, Aboriginal “No” campaign leader, said the Prime Minister refused to meet the prominent leaders, who were opposed to the Constitutional reform.

Mundine stated that while there was still room for improvement, there had been significant improvement in the lives of indigenous Australians, without a second ‘Voice’. He pointed out that those pushing for a second ‘Voice’ are all “lawyers, academics or public servants who have been living off the teat of government, and want to stay in power.”

The fact is that they are not satisfied with one voice, which all Australians have through their representatives in Parliament. They want two. That is simply discrimination by race. The word for it is racism, and we should be angry and disgusted, for it will only bring division and strife as people realise that Australians would no longer be ‘One’ and would not sing with ‘One voice’, despite the song, but two distinct voices, one comprising less than 4% of our population!

Nevertheless, the same people are claiming ALL the land, along with its minerals, while the rest of the vast majority of Australians will likely even have to ask their permission to travel through their ‘sovereign’ lands, for their leaders are talking about a separate sovereign nation, where, no doubt, the same elite would maintain their privileges.

No wonder our woke, undemocratic and deluded Prime Minister refuses to give us the details of the ‘Voice’ he expects us to vote for, or release the Attorney General’s advice on the issue, or give both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ groups equal financial support. He is supporting only one side, helped by the organs of government and the state owned media, in an unconcealed campaign which, if he succeeds, will reap only apartheid and racial strife.

He is naively betraying Australia by his autocratic and partisan deceptions. It is hard to believe the effrontery of this man, who looks so harmless but has revealed by his dangerous actions how these elite ‘aboriginals’ will operate, if they obtain a second ‘Voice’.

Are we really so stupid as to hand over power to those who would reject a unified, modern and forward looking, democratic future? As the Apostle Paul said, “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek.” We are one nation, whatever our origins. Let us not destroy that!