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Billion Dollar Fiasco

Three years ago the State of Western Australia ended its appeal against a landmark court ruling recognising the aboriginal people’s native title claim over the southwest of the State, including the whole of the city of Perth!

The agreement was based upon a $1.3 billion land use agreement with the State’s 30,000 Nyoongar people, covering the whole of the city of Perth and the lower third of WA! It also included annual payments of $50 million towards the 1.3 billion, along with handing over 320,000 ha or 390,736 acres of land to the aboriginals. That horrendously ridiculous agreement is the equivalent of over $40.000 for each aboriginal, plus rights over 26 acres each and does not include the royalties which would be paid for any mining discoveries of minerals.

As we are coming to recognise, a significant percentage of those claiming to be aboriginal could be confused with recent immigrants from the UK, they look so similar, though they have a very distant Aboriginal ancestor, but even counting them all they comprise less than 3% of Australians, nationally.

Nevertheless, that deal is now on hold because some aboriginals are still not satisfied, and this claim is just one of hundreds which would add up to most of Australia. How ridiculous is that? It is as though the Welsh would now claim to own the whole of England because their ancestors were driven out of their land by the Angles and Saxons!

The ancient aboriginals were simply hunters and gatherers who migrated over the land according to the seasons. They had no permanent home, nor by hard work and development did they establish ownership in the sense that the early settlers did, who turned what was often thick bush (forest) into productive land by the sweat of their brow, and a wilderness into a prosperous and civilised nation, which would not exist if the aboriginals had been left to their stone age.

Maybe they should be compensated a little if they are mainly aboriginal, but they are already compensated by the fact that more is spent on each one of them by the government than the rest of Australians – more than twice as much! They don’t seem to realise that the rest of Australia has had to work hard to provide that money and it costs them a small fortune to obtain even a small house block of land, that is if they can afford it. And yet immigrants from many countries, even refugees who arrive here with nothing, work hard and build homes and businesses and prosper – putting sit down, hand out aboriginals to shame.

No wonder the dreamtime is part of their culture, for many of them are still living in it, and by the evidence are suffering badly from it, especially their women and children. Their claims for special treatment – huge land grants, monetary compensation and numerous jobs to administer it, the resultant mining royalties and extra government services, add up to to an evil apartheid which will divide them from other Australians, while the successful aboriginals are those who leave the dreamtime behind and integrate fully into our modern Western society where they make a good contribution.

We have to accept that this error is the fault of our acceptance of political  correctness, and failure to speak out against it.

The Bible has it right when it says in Galatians 3:28, ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’   Aboriginals may be shocked to learn, but that is the future for all Australians in the World Tomorrow.