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Undermining the Value of Life

Black lives matter, and so do yellow lives and white lives too, though I saw one poster suggesting the above, torn from the hands of one young man by an angry mob of ‘racist ‘ protesters. Therein lies  the problem with protests  like that. It has lost  its connection with that which provided  the West with its basic universal human rights, its marvellous freedoms and its obligations, which , at the moment we enjoy.

Instead, it has diverted from its just and positive origins to a negative  ideology which lifts one race above others, or natural sexual orientations, or gender, into political issues organised by those who “mistake the strength of their feelings for the strength of their argument”, as William Gladstone said, 200 years ago.

The result is that such protesters  take their angst out against long dead members of society, famous or infamous, by destroying their statues as though this will somehow re-write history, and right the wrongs of previous generations. We often see how easily these protesters are led into violence against police and property by anarchists and extremist idologues, to the extent that we have seen cities in the US set on fire.

The fact that the protesters will not accept is that  there never were any perfect people, any more than there are today, and we cannot judge our forebears by the standards of today,  which did not exist 100, 200, or thousands of years ago. They have to be viewed in the context of their time, and we must not be taken in by politicians who jump on the popularity bandwagon and give in to those who would remove all traces of our forebears’ mistakes from our streets, apologise for their mistakes in parliament,  or attempt to right their wrongs by elevating one race or group above the rest of us, which would be the exact opposite of democracy.

Such foolishness would leave us without the opportunity to acknowledge their errors and learn from them, as well as the achievements of great men such as Captain Cook, Sir Francis Drake,  Horatio Nelson, or Sir Winston Churchill, none of whom were perfect. We would be the poorer and more ignorant for their absence.

Who amongst these protesters  can claim one fraction of the contribution  these men made to the freedoms and privileges they enjoy as members of Western Civilisation?    Not a one!

So we should recognise that what we in the West so enjoy , which makes our nations the envy of the world, are the freedoms, dignity and values placed upon human life here, not by accident , but by Genesis 1:26, ‘Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us…”‘ That statement gave equal value to all human life and is the origin of true human rights based upon the Laws our Creator provided, Laws which  are today under attack as never before, though they are all that stand between us and the total destruction of Western Christian civilisation.

Ironically, it will be through the undermining  of those laws by the political correctness  of the identity politics these protesters espouse, that will bring about the fall of the US, UK and its ex- colonies, and the decimation  of their people by those with a total disregard  for the Bible’s teaching of the value of each human life. Isaiah 6:11-13,  ‘And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed [ the godly remnant] will be the stump in the land.” NIV.

This awful news, clearly spelt out in prophecy, is given to us for just one purpose. To help bring as many of us as possible through the Tribulation ahead through our repentance, that we should turn from our sin, and begin to keep God’s Commandments.

Only then will we experience the peace,  prosperity and happiness in the Kingdom of God, in a world put to rights, under the rule and example of Jesus Christ.