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Designed To Deceive

There is a disturbing trend of hyperbole used by the left in their support of lawbreakers which is once again designed to shut down debate supported by conviction and evidence. It needs to be called out for what it is – deliberate deception.

We saw it in greens Senator Nick McKim asserting that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was the embodiment of “fascism” . If McKim had any understanding of the word he would know that Hitler and Mussolini ran totalitarian regimes, and that he was only free to accuse Peter Dutton for his advocacy of border protection, detention of illegal immigrants, and his suggestion that Dutton was implementing a ‘white Australia’ policy by offering visas to South African farmers who were threatened with murder, because Dutton is a member of a government which does not use fascist terror, murder or secret police. Senators should know better than attempt to deceive Australians by dishonest misrepresentation.

We also see it in claims by indigenous Australian activists that Aborigines are victims, when criminal behaviour is revealed by community protection patrols in cities like Townsville, which is experiencing a crime wave by a small minority of mainly Aboriginal youths.

Those neighbourhood watch patrols were brought about by a wave of home invasions, burglaries and stolen cars. Police cars were being rammed by young offenders at the wheel. The chief Superintendent of Police, Kev Guteridge welcomes the help of the patrols as “A model we are seeing morphing out of Neighbourhood Watch”… “There is no evidence before me of … these people taking the law into their own hands or acting unlawfully. They are the extra eyes and ears the police need to get on top of this. When something is going on, they ring the police …they are not dealing with things themselves.” ┬áIn fact they sometimes place the fleeing offenders under citizen’s arrest until the police arrive.

Nevertheless, that does not stop the indigenous activists complaining; “I make no bones about this … they are vigilantes and they are probably more dangerous than the kids they chase,” says Gracelyn Smallwood. Her complaint echoes the shameful claims of those activists protesting at the Commonwealth Games that all Aboriginals are the victims of Australian society, while in most cases such Aboriginals are responsible for their own circumstances through their own choices, cultural traditions, drink, drugs and the physical abuse of their families by ‘elders’ .

Their deceitful claims do not square with the increasing numbers of successful Aboriginals in society, the media and even in Parliament or as government advisors, whose success witness to the efforts of society to lift indigenous Australians into the 21st century – no small feat when the First Fleet found them in the stone age just a couple of hundred years ago. To pretend that they are ‘victims’ today is both deceptive and evil, for it flies in the face of the relevant financial and land return statistics, and the growing number of integrated and productive, successful indigenous Australians.

Proverbs 12:5, ‘The thoughts of the righteous are just; But the counsels of the wicked are deceit.’ ASV.