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No Right of Return

Australian is now faced with Islamic State women such as Zehra Duman wanting  to return to Australia, like many others now pleading  to return to the West, to its relative peace and prosperity which, in the good times for IS, they rejected in favour of the evil,  harshness and beheading of the Caliphate.

Of course the bleeding hearts would have them and their murderous husbands back amongst us, but should they?

When they went, they despised  our Christian derived culture with its Western values and were eager to join the expanding Caliphate, where they could expect respect, power and dominion over the defeated and abused populations. Have they changed their beliefs? Not at all. They will never renounce that which inspires them.

Last year an Australian/American consultation found that 3 things  made these terrorists interconnected, worldwide: “The flow of foreign fighters, the flow of resources, and their message.”

These are the connective tissue of terrorism, which the consultation said would need to be cut. ‘Resources’  include all those who make a contribution to the social and idealogical infrastructure of IS .

Their husbands, if not dead, are still largely in jail but would love to return. Their wives and children are their supporting resources, who, by their presence in the war zone with IS, were also active in a war against Australia and Western values. Their message has not changed and we should remember  that for years we had to endure the charade that their bombing, shooting and killing inflicted upon us had nothing to do with their message.

What was their message? In politically correct terms it is Islamism. In truth it is the Koran, and if you were to read it you would find it is a book of great contradictions. The Jihadis  choose to follow its very many violent instructions about killing disbelievers in Allah. “Moderate” Muslims choose to ignore them, and follow its good points. But by their support of the religion, and their numbers,  they are part of the supporting resources mentioned.

God want all of us to come to repentance. However, when Muslims bow before Jesus Christ on Judgement Day, they should  remember that they were warned by the Koran, in Surah 14:22, ” Satan  will [then] say, ‘God gave you a true promise. [In the Bible] I too made promises [In the Koran] but they were false ones: I had no power over you except to call you, and you responded to my call,  so do not blame me blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me. I reject the way you associated  me with God before. For wrongdoers there must be a Grievous Penalty.” 

Only if they were genuinely repentant, which means turning from Islam, should they be allowed to return return to face whatever punishment they deserve.