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Where has Wisdom Gone?

It’s almost enough to make you cry. Where has  the wisdom in government gone, in education  and in the media? Instead, we have ‘progressive’, ‘woke’ polices  in government, delusion in the schools and universities, and a constant diatribe of ‘man made’ climate change, identity politics, gender theory and eco-politics propounded by cloistered, left wing academics and even credulous  children, in the media!

Sadly, it seems that its only going to get worse, as the government continues to pour money into institutions like the ABC and the left leaning universities which are apparently  dedicated to undermining the traditional  foundation of Western Christian civilisation that has made Australia so attractive to the rest of the world. Truth, common sense and wisdom, which built this great nation,  are slipping away.

Endless talk fests staffed by ‘progressive’ elites who continually push identity politics only create division in our society and inspire gullible individuals  to feel like victims who deserve special privileges which the rest of us don’t get.

So our nation becomes more and more fragmented, illustrated by  the tragedy of the aboriginals claiming a separate indigenous voice to Parliament because of their ancestral origin. Of course they would also need their special privileges, and even more of ‘their’ land ( heading towards ALL of Australia when you look at their maps) including control of its resources. Don’t try travelling through without their permission!

Can we not stop this madness? IF we really are all Australians, our goal should be to make everyone equal in opportunity in every way, not encourage any identity group to become more than equal!

‘And he said to man, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.’”   Job 28:28.  No wonder then, that wisdom is slipping away!

Left’s Indoctrination

Christians everywhere should be very aware of the subtle indoctrination of the left and ‘greens’ in our classrooms, which amounts to social engineering that is undermining our culture and the innocence of our children.

Of course by now most parents are aware of the evil ‘safe schools’ programme in Australia which still threatens some high school students with its pro homosexual propaganda, but it is worthwhile keeping in touch with what your child is being taught, at all levels.

Recently there have been instances of plays pushing anti- Israel and anti-religion themes in schools, and petitions from classes against for example for example, child asylum seekers in detention. Victoria spends millions teaching ‘respectful relationships’ while New South Wales Education Department urges its teachers to ‘de-gender’ their classroom language and promote sexuality as ‘non-binary’.

All this while only 38% of Year 10 students could reach a proficient standard in the nationwide test on civics and citizenship, but were well informed about human rights and environmental protection! Only 52% of Australians aged 18-29 could agree that democracy is the best form of government . Could this be because less than 40% of High School Students understood the way our system of government works?

Christian parents everywhere should check up on what their children are being taught and support their parent- teacher meetings to make their views known. Failure to do this may make it very hard for parents to uphold the moral standards and values they wish to inculcate in their children, who are very receptive to what the school teaches, and what all their friends readily accept as the norm.

Identity politics, a victimhood culture and evil ‘human rights’ all threaten our independence, national identity and Christian standards, but are being introduced to children as the norm by left wing governments, and the conservative right wing is little better. No wonder some parents have chosen to send their children to independent non-state religious schools to avoid this left indoctrination.

‘And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.’  Jeremiah 9:5.