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Mind the Gap

Once upon a time there was a small island upon which lived many different tribes, Scots, Welsh, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans. They had their own languages, but learned to use one, and by working together in unity they removed tribal boundaries  and began to build a strong nation.  Under one God and His Laws they enjoyed freedom and peace, until they became prosperous and powerful, eventually creating the largest empire this world has ever seen, which covered a whole quarter of the world’s land surface.

Then, they forgot their God  and began to reject His Laws. Peace departed, the economy dived and the empire was lost. They began  to stress their previous separate languages and culture, eventually claiming separate parliaments and different laws. Soon, some began to vote to separate completely into different nations, and before long they will be back where their ancestors started; tiny, insignificant and poor, no longer even to be able to protect their freedoms from their united ancient enemies!

Once upon a time there was a huge Southern continent, where many small tribes roamed…..